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Chicago style bake ware is all the rage for foodies and new bakers alike. For those who have been looking for excellent bake ware such as the Chicago metallic baguette pan, the Chicago metallic cake pan, or possibly even the Chicago metallic popover pan can rest assured that Aisle48 will meet all their standards. We carry unusual products like the Chicago metallic popover pan that will make perfect popovers every time- making your guest question their authenticity! We carry the Chicago metallic surprise pan, that can be paired with the chicago metallic pie pan to make cheesecakes and other spring form cakes and pies. Other items that can be found in the Aisle48 pages are the Chicago metallic Pullman pan, the Chicago metallic Betterbake nonstick 6 cup muffin pan, and the Chicago metallic half sheet pan. So whether your looking for a Chicago metallic 3 lb bread pan, a Chicago metallic baguette bread pan or even a plain Chicago metallic cake pan check out our selection of the best bake ware from!